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Brake Check 716 is the only mobile auto technician with over 20 years of experience. Our mission is to get you safe and back on the road for a fraction of the cost as the chain auto repair shops. Did you know the chain repair shops up the cost of parts by 300%? That’s outrageous!!! And that’s not including the hourly rate they have for someone that hardly knows what their doing to repair your vehicle. Trust me I’ve ran and worked at chain repair shops. That’s why I’m here today and helping you feel good about the work and not breaking the bank to make your vehicle safe.
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Brake Repair
The customer can get the parts they need from their local part store or from where ever they find the best deal so they can get the warranty on parts or they can also get money back if there is a core charge. If they order through a part store we can pick up the parts on the way to the repair or they can make an appointment for when their parts will arrive if ordered online. When we are finished with the repair we will put the old parts back in the box so the customer knows the repair was done. It is all explained on our website.


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